Excellent. Very good coverage of a lot of different ideas.

Andrew Broman
University of Wisconsin - Department of Medicine

Rails + Domain Driven Design Workshop

Struggling with finding a direction of refactorings to keep your app maintainable? Legacy codebase driving you nuts and not revealing intention?

Make your development team understand principles of domain-driven design. Make them master the most powerful design approach in today world of complex business rules.

We can help you. In Arkency, we’re doing consulting with big clients and big businesses. Techniques to codify domain knowledge in code and working with domain experts in an efficient way is the most valuable consultantancy tool we have in our toolbox. It proved extremely valuable in very advanced and standarized domains like risk management or accounting, as well as more wild domains like selling tickets for events.

Overall it was great to learn a lot of new things there. I like your approach to work and focus on sharing that knowledge with people. I enjoyed discussions we had on different topics. Thank you!

Sergii Makagon
Web developer with over 7 years of experience

What will you get?

During our training attendees will learn about domain-driven design principles, as well as a trending architecture approach which is a go-to choice for complex business domains, called event sourcing. After workshops attendants are going to be able to apply DDD principles in the codebase, know beneficial ways to refactor the app to improve its maintainability and know techniques needed to talk with clients.

During the workshop attendands will be a part of the simulated project with the simple domain. Our experts will ensure everyone will be involved in a process of crunching domain knowledge and applying it to the codebase.

The result of the workshop is a complete app with event sourcing. Attendants will also understand techniques useful for transforming the codebase from the Rails way to DDD app.

This training is planned for two days. Most of the time attendants will spend on writing code and crunching domain knowledge to make it all as practical as possible.


Day 1

  • Bounded Contexts (2h)
  • Entity, Value Object , Aggregate / AggregateRoot (2h)
  • ApplicationService / Service Object, DomainService (1h)
  • Publishing Domain Events (2h)


  • Consuming Domain Events (1.5h)
  • Read models (1.5h)
  • Sagas (2h)
  • Event Sourcing (2h)

Join next edition

The next edition will be held in May 2017, in Lviv, Ukraine.

Rails DDD workshop

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It was great, I loved the fact you were walking around the room, asking people if they need help with anything.

MichaƂ Matyas
Full Stack Developer at Untitled Kingdom