Current edition of our Rails DDD workshop will take place in Lviv - a beautiful old city in western part of Ukraine. Below you can find a categorized list with some of our hints and recommendations:

How to get here

Good news: Lviv’s connection with European countries gets better every day! It’s still far from perfect, however there’re some good options: Wizzair recently launched flights from Berlin and Wrocław to Lviv. UIA provides flights from a wide variety of countries, LOT has a bunch of flights to Ukraine too. Another option might be to fly to Kyiv and then fly or take an express train to Lviv. Speaking of trains, there’s also an overnight train from Wrocław/Kraków/Warszawa and an express train from Przemyśl, however you can only buy tickets for these trains in the international ticket office. PolskiBus is also an option.

Accommodations (Hotels):

Lions Castle a nice hotel in-between 2 beautiful parks.

Ibis Styles and Panorama are both located straight in the city center.

Lviv is relatively small city, but in case you need a ride, there’re Uber & Yandex taxi available.

Nutrition and hydration:


Kulinarna studia Kryva Lypa

Trapezna (Museum of Ideas)


Kumpel #1

Kumpel #2

Burger Joint

Speciality Coffee:


Alternativna kava

Svit kavy


Choven (wide variety of Ukrainian craft beers, special recommendation for craft beer lovers)


Speakeasy bars:

44 Tart Flambe & Bar



Ratusha (city hall) tower

High Castle

Stryiskyi park