We are sharing our journey from backend to mobile. With RubyMotion we can use Ruby everywhere.

Concurrency patterns in RubyMotion

The more we dive into RubyMotion, the more advanced topics we face with. Currently, in one of our RubyMotion applications we are implementing QR code scanning feature. Although it may seem already as a good topic for blogpost, this time we will focus on concurrency patterns in RubyMotion, because they are a good start for any advanced features in iOS like this 2D code recognition.

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From Rails to RubyMotion: basic toolkit

Have you noticed the tendency that development is moving strongly towards mobile? There are more and more projects with mobile companion, there are a lot of just-mobile software houses, and there are even only-mobile projects. What if a company has only web developers specialized in Ruby, but want to be really full-stack? Doesn’t matter, with Ruby, it can still goes mobile!

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