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Szymon Fiedler

One more step to DDD in a legacy rails app

Recently I picked up a ticket from support team of one of our clients. Few months ago VAT rates have changed in Norway - 5% became 10% and 12% became 15%. It has some implications to platform users — event organizers, since they can choose which VAT rate applies to products which they offer to the ticket buyers. You’ll learn why I haven’t just updated db column.

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The smart way to check health of a Rails app

Recently we added monitoring to one of our customer’s application. The app was tiny, but with a huge responsibility. We simply wanted to know if it’s alive. We went with Sensu HTTP check since it was a no-brainer. And it just worked, however, we got warning from monitoring tool.

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Sitemaps with a bit of Metal

Photo remix available thanks to the courtesy of tinkerbrad. CC BY 2.0

Sooner or later, you will probably start taking care about your application’s SEO, especially if it provides a lot of content and you want to be discovered by users in search engines results. There are several ways to do this in your Ruby app. You can create sitemap.xml file manually if there aren’t very much urls, but it will become pretty ineffective when you have more than a dozen or so. There are some very neat tools which will do this for you out of the box, even if you need a lot of customization.

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37 signals was not lying, you win by being remote

There is such moment in developer’s life when you start looking for a new job, sooner or later. You can observe that even in Poland, there are plenty of Ruby on Rails job offers, often in very perspective companies. I probably could find interesting job in Poznań, where I live, but there were some presumptions which pushed me to apply to Arkency.

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