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Paweł Pacana

Why we follow the Rails repo structure in Rails Event Store

A complete Rails Event Store solution consists of following gems:

  • ruby_event_store — core concepts and and mechanics of an event store
  • rails_event_store — thin wrapper over ruby_event_store with additions possible in Rails framework (like automatically capturing some of the request params into event metadata) and necessary glue to make it work out of the box
  • rails_event_store_active_record — a database adapter based on ActiveRecord
  • aggregate_root — library useful for making event-sourced aggregates
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Dogfooding Process Manager

Process managers (sometimes called Sagas) help us with modeling long running processes which happen in our domains. Think of such process as a series of domain events. When enough of them took place (and the particular ones we’re interested in) then we execute a command. The thing is that the events we’re waiting for might take a longer time to arrive, during which our process manager has to keep track of what has been already processed. And that’s where it gets interesting.

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Microservices - 72 resources

Microservices - everyone talks about them nowadays. There’s no common understanding however what they are. I’ve been researching this topic for a while, gathering and evaluating articles, presentations and conference videos.

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Implementing worker threads in Rails

If you care about your application performance you have to schedule extra tasks into background when handling requests. One of such tasks may be collecting performance or business metrics. In this post I’ll show you how to avoid potential problems with threaded background workers.

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