Developers oriented project management: What our new book is all about?

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Developers oriented project management: What our new book is all about?

At first, we thought that our new book is all about remote work. But then after writing few chapters we saw that it is not. That those techniques can be applied to any team. So what is it all about?

Working in a nicely organized project.

And happiness. Exactly this kind of happiness related to working in a nicely organized project. Because even if we develop applications in our favorite programming language (Ruby anyone?) we can still be in a lot of stress due to the way the project is managed, right?

Are developers feeling unhappy in your current project? Is it draining energy from them? Maybe the whole team is trapped in micro-management and does not know a way of escape from it. Perhaps peoples skills stuck on certain level and everybody is working on the same, fenced parts of the code over and over, leading to an isolation. Possible you are all working from the office, when sometimes you just want need to be alone to focus fully. And even when you deliver new features you still feel like nothing is actually finished-finished. But does it have to be like that? Is your project easy to manage for the managers, to work with for the programmers and to follow by the customer?

What if programmers working on a project could be more happy? Feel trusted and enjoy tremendous freedom. What if they could experience progress in their skills, learn and master new technologies without having to do it only in their free time? Could the team be like a small community, supportive and interested in each other problems? What can help making such team?

What if you could improve many areas of your current project management that has a direct effect on you and your team happiness. Like immedietaly knowing what you should be working on when you start your day. Delivering something valuable even twice a day and being proud of that. Being able to organize your time according to your liking and priorities? Take your time in the middle of the day to create a meal compatible with your diet, exercise, walk or take a lovely nap to refresh your mind. What if tasks in unfamiliar technology are learning opportunities and small challenges and instead of being scary monsters? Can you imagine your team collaborating together on the whole code?

Our ebook is for you if you value Independence, Clarity, Focus, Freedom and Collaboration. It contains a list of guidelines that we established at Arkency throughout years of working remotely. You can apply them to your project slowly and every one of them will help you improve some of the aspects. Together they make a tremendous difference and let you enjoy lot of the benefits that a programmer job can offer. They create a programmer friendly environment in which you can feel comfortable and productive. After all, most of your team consist of programmers, so the project should be optimized for their efficiency and happiness. But it also creates a nice set of rules that make the customers and product owners communication with developers easier.

As programmers we are privileged. In our lives we can enjoy many things that people doing other kinds of job cannot. But we need a work-flow that will let us actually seize the opportunities such as eg. the ability to work remotely.

As team leaders and company owners we always want to hire and work with the best people. But they also have very high expectations. Is your company ready to provide them a nicely working experience to benefit most from their talent and experience? We are also always overloaded with tons of other duties and activities so we would like the dev team to take care of itself as much as possible. It would be best if they could self-organize the work, find priorities and assign tasks. But do we let them? Do we know how? Don’t worry, we will show you how.

When we started writing the book, we promised that we will help your team transition into remote working and we will still do that. Because the crucial ingredient for successful remote working is project organization and excellent communication. And we intend to write about that. But you can still benefit greatly by following the advices from the book even if remote working is not your highest priority right now.

Developers oriented project management

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