Developer matters

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Developer matters

Have you ever wondered what does your regular workday look like? Do you have the same daily habits? So how is it going? Breakfast, coffee, daily standup, reading mails, some work, off-topic talk with coworkers, dinner, some work and the day is over? If you follow these chain (not necessary in the same order) it is important signal that things must change. Not tomorrow, but right now.

Since I’m working in Arkency, a lot of things changed for me. What is more, recent blogpost by Tomek gave me a fresh overview on my work, being productive and self organized. Moreover, I recently read Robert’s book Async Remote, which gave me a better understanding of being a good developer so I’d like to share with you my impressions.

What this is about?

Have you ever worked in Agile methodology? You probably have. It is also possible that you were working with Scrum or some kind of its variation depending on your needs. And that is good, because it means you are good. You can deliver, work in dynamic environment, follow iterations and create robust software.

So what next? Why change anything?

This book is intended to show you a different approach to development. A better one? An approach, where developer matters. Not software, neither estimations, nor deadlines. The final book’s appraisal is up to you.

You may wonder right now “why do I need yet another development methodology?”. I am not going to convince you, because that’s not my goal. This book is to give you an opportunity to see how development process can be agile and alternatively to change yours. No pressure, no requirements, just a free talk.


We are talking about agile, right? But what agile actually is? Agile means transparency.

What’s the most important in dealing with clients, working with teammates, writing a software and managing a project is flexibility. So we have two more buzzwords beyond agile, they are transparency and flexibility and after lecture, you’ll get familiar with concepts behind them, what they truly mean and how to achieve them.

Who should read this book?

It’s good when you can define from the very beginning why do you want to read this book at all. There may be a bunch of reasons so let’s discuss some of them.

Firstly, you might be curious like developers are. It’s good, because you are open-minded, ready to confront with different approach and willing to get to know new solutions. This book is perfect for you then, because it covers all topics, which describes not so standard way to software development and project management.

The another reason is that you want to change something. It’s good too, because it means that you have some expectations. If you expect to find a silver bullet, this book won’t you one. Although it won’t offer you complete and comprehensive solution for all kind of problems, what is written here will definitely open your mind and directs you towards agile way.

To sum up

I recommend you to read a couple of sample chapters on our blog before final decision. After that you can visit book’s website and download a free sample and then click magical blue button, which will change your life forever.

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