See how we create books. Live

… and check why 5600+ Rails engineers read also this

See how we create books. Live

We are in the middle of a process of converting our bestselling book Rails Meets React from CoffeeScript to ES6. This book turned out to be a huge help for many Rails developers seeking a sane way to create their front end applications.

Many people are not using CoffeeScript and could use the information from the book. This is our main request for improving this book, we got from you all. And we are providing this upgrade to all people, who will ever buy Rails Meets React

Working on a book on a live stream

The process of rewriting the content may be interesting for people wanting to convert their React codebase from CoffeeScript to ES6. So, I thought it may be a good time to experiment with video streaming.

There is one thing I like about gaming live streams. The streamer has a chance to interact with the audience in a real-time. There is a chat where everyone can ask a question. This is a great way to connect with an audience. That makes me really interested in trying this out.

I started to think about how exactly the whole stream could look like and I got an idea.

Book creation process at Arkency - Rails Meets React

I want to show you the part of our book-creation process. The tooling, the automation, the content creation. We spent a bit of time on making whole technical process around our books quick and easy. We don’t want to keep it only to ourselves.

Here’s the plan of things I want to show:

  • How do we structure our books?
  • How does our book building process look like?
  • The process of converting a piece of chapter from CoffeeScript to ES6 (with JSX)

The stream will start at 2pm UTC this Friday. You can watch it on YouTube. I will answer your questions on chat, during the event.

This is our first attempt to making this kind of live streaming event. And I hope it won’t be the last! :) There are much more things we would love to share with you!

And yes! The stream will be saved and published later on our YouTube channel.

Psst… and there will be a special offer for people watching the stream. ;)

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