Slack-driven blogposts

Slack-driven blogposts

Slack (or any other team communication tool) may be a good source for your blogposts.

You may have explained something to your team on the Slack channel. You already verbalised your thoughts in a written manner. That’s the biggest part of writing a blog post! Use it to your benefit now. Turn it into a blogpost.

As developers we often share this feeling that what we just wrote or explained is not really that useful to anybody.

Here are some techniques which may help you in turning the Slack conversations into a blog post:

  • if your colleague wrote something interesting on Slack, encourage them to wrap it as a blogpost - suggest the title, focus on how useful it may be for others
  • look at what you wrote today on Slack - does it have some interesting value? Ask your team if this could make a blogpost.
  • prepare a blogpost based on what others wrote. If they feel blocked to blog on their own, show them how easy it is. Grab their messages, create a blogpost, send them the draft if they’re OK with it. Publish.

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