70% off the Rails / TDD / DDD / mutant video class until 11pm 19.05.2016 CEST

… and check why 5600+ Rails engineers read also this

70% off the Rails / TDD / DDD / mutant video class until 11pm 19.05.2016 CEST


Just 24 hours left for the 70% discount of the Rails/TDD/DDD/mutant video class. You can buy it here: https://vimeo.com/r/1I82/STcxRjFuel

Thanks to everyone who already bought the video class!

The number of sales is so overwhelming that Vimeo wrote this to me today:

Believe me, it’s really cool to receive such messages - thank you so much!

To celebrate the results, I’ve decided to make some of the videos FREE so that those of you who haven’t decided yet can have a look:


Is the code available?

Many people asked me if the code from the videos will be also available.

Yes! It’s definitely going to be available. The minor blocker for now is that I’m not sure how to get emails of the customers (or any other way of contacting) so that I can collect the github logins and give you access to the Github repository. I’m talking to the Vimeo crew about it!

Is it going to be about Rails or just Ruby?

The first ~20 videos are not touching Rails yet. It’s by design ;) The story will reveal itself to the point where we’ll switch to Rails in an interesting way ;) The goal of this class is to show you how to do TDD with a Rails app!

Is it again something about JavaScript or it’s just Ruby/Rails this time?

I guess the people asking this question may miss our React.js love ;) This time, we’ll save you the React.js or any other JavaScript things. No React.js this time ;) (those of you who are disappointed, stay tuned, we’ll cooking something React/Rails related for you as well in another form).


Here’s some of the things people wrote to me after watching some of the videos:

  • “It’s a great idea with the class, I bought it, watched the first videos and already learnt a lot, thanks!”
  • “I´m really enjoying the course.”
  • “I am also learning cool tricks for Rubymine. Thank you.”
  • “Oglada sie bardzo przyjemnie. Fajny flow - nie za szybko i nie za wolno.” (which translates to - It was nice to watch it, good flow, not too fast, not too slow)

Decided to buy?

Just click this link: https://vimeo.com/r/1I82/STcxRjFuel

BTW, I’ve just checked with Vimeo. It all looks like we can keep our refund policy with this class as well. Just to remind you - all Arkency products (ebooks/videos) are on the policy of refunding at any time, without asking any question. If you buy this class and then decide it’s not for you, just send as an email and we’ll issue a refund, no questions asked!

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