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Relative Testing vs Absolute Testing
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Monitoring Sidekiq queues with middlewares
How to keep yourself motivated for blogging?
Handle sidekiq processing when one job saturates your workers and the rest queue up
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The easiest posts to write for a programming blog
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Tracking dead code in Rails apps with metrics
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Acceptance testing using actors/personas
Handling SVG images with Refile and Imgix
Conditionality is filtering. Don't filter control flow, filter data.
Reliable notifications between two apps or microservices
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Prototypes in Ruby and the strange story of dup
Ruby code I no longer write
yield default object
Fluent Interfaces in Ruby ecosystem
On upcoming immutable string literals in Ruby
Why would you even want to listen about DDD?
Safer Rails database migrations with Soundcloud's Large Hadron Migrator
Patterns for dealing with uncertainty
One request can be multiple commands
Hourly Billing is Nuts
The freelancer in you that wants to be FREE
To blog or to write code?
Minimal decoupled subsystems in your rails app
respond_to |format| is useful even without multiple formats
Implementing & Testing SOAP API clients in Ruby
Always present association
Domain Events Schema Definitions
Cover all test cases with #permutation
Domain Events over Active Record Callbacks
How I hunted the most odd ruby bug
Custom type-casting with ActiveRecord, Virtus and dry-types
Using anonymous modules and prepend to work with generated code
Private classes in Ruby
Drop this before validation and just use a setter method
In-Memory Fake Adapters
Monitoring services and adapters in your Rails app with Honeybadger, NewRelic and #prepend
Rolling back complex apps
Run it in a background job, after a commit, from a service object
Advantages of working on a legacy application
Sanitizing html input: youtube iframes, css inline styles and customization
Testing race conditions in your Rails app
Null Object pattern in practice
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How to get anything done? - 4 tips
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Adding videos embedded in a page to a sitemap
upgrade capybara-webkit to 1.4 and save your time
Ruby Exceptions Equality
It's easy to miss a higher level concept in an app
The categories of validations podcast #1
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You can move React.js root component around
Instantiating Service Objects
React.js and Dynamic Children - Why the Keys are Important
Behind the scenes
React.js and Google Charts
Adapters 101
Burnout - do you need to change your job?
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RubyMine basic navigation features (that make you move around code fast)
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Effective async communication
Would you love to work remotely (and asynchronously)?
Mastering Rails Validations - Objectify
Mastering Rails Validations: Contexts
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Zero uptime deploy
Don't call controller from background job, please. Do it differently!
2 ways to deal with big and complicated features
Pretty, short urls for every route in your Rails app
Stop including Enumerable, return Enumerator instead
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Developers oriented project management: What our new book is all about?
Developers oriented project management: Take the first task
Developers oriented project management: Leave tasks unassigned
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Developers oriented project management
Single Table Inheritance - Problems and solutions
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Is it cute or ugly?
Web is no longer request-reply
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Blogging for developers
Not Rails
One app, one user, one ruby
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Sending async data from Rails into the world
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